Tried And True Seems Dazed And Confused

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Photos by Lori Bandi
Have you checked out the latest offering from Nick Badovinus' Neighborhood Services restaurant group? The new restaurant, which replaces the NHS Tavern that closed earlier this year, brings a whole new experience to Henderson Avenue's nightlife scene.

At the Capital Pub next door bar patrons pack the patio while drinking cheap beer and munching on boring bar food. J Black's on the other side of the building serves similar food and on some evenings hosts DJs and other entertainment. I heard Vanilla Ice spinning as I walked past J. Black's massive patio -- no joke.

And then there's Tried and True in the center ...

Badovinus' new restaurant has far better food than the bars to either side. It also has a much more interesting interior. Neon signs cast an iridescent glow on the pool table and vintage knickknacks hang on the walls. A motorcycle hangs from the ceiling and bowls of peanuts invite customers to cast spent shells on the floor, contributing to a casual roadhouse vibe.

When the turntable spins vintage country the whole place really comes together, but I railed on the jukebox in this week's review. A digital montage of stale, classic rock, heavy metal and hip-hop completely throws off the vibe and makes me feel like I'm sitting in a bar that's trying to hard to fit in with its surroundings. Tried and True has the potential to be the cool, quirky, new kid in town amongst a set of restaurants that have no real identity at all.

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Tried and True

2405 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

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Not sure why J. Blacks and Cap Pub need to take unnecessary shots when reviewing another restaurant.  I don't feel J. Blacks in any way strives to be what the new NHS is, and vice versa.


As with most Road Houses valet parking is mandatory


I opened this expecting, based on the title, to read a bad review.  I wouldn't want my restaurant referred to as Dazed and Confused, even though I enjoyed the movie.  I also expected to post a comment, after reading, that the review was wrong and the food is excellent.


So now I guess I'm Dazed and Confused, because I have to agree with you.  Except for the title.

scott.reitz moderator

 @gmit I've parked on the side streets without a problem every single time I patronize any of the restaurants on Henderson Avenue. You don't have to participate.

scott.reitz moderator

 @foodbevlaw You should check out the full review to learn more about the music that's sufficiently off  to color my entire experience negatively. I liked most of the food, too.

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