Top Chef: McPherson Stuffs Stuffing, Valentine Drops Another F-bomb, Tesar Tesars.

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Then, the nicest girl to ever be on Top Chef, Kuniko Yagi, was kicked off of Top Chef. They cut back to the remaining chefs, and Tesar says, "I'm one of her biggest fans, but you can do potatoes in your sleep as a chef."

(Breaking: Tesar bones potatoes in his sleep.)

That comment led to this face from CJ:

Rage eyeballs.

Then, CJ says to Tesar, "Everything ends up being a lecture with you."

Tesar is all, "You're full of shit right now."

Then, some dude makes this face:

Tyler Ward makes good "Oh shit" face.

Then, they show us the coming-ups for the next episodes, and Valentine says, "Don't fuckin' say another word to me. Cuz yer a prick." Please put that on this season's Top Chef shirt. Happy Nothing Really Happened On Top Chef Because The Figured Nobody's Watching During Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Episode!

Predictions for next week: CJ slaps Tesar with a leftover turkey sandwich. With Miracle Whip on it. For shame.

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