Top Chef: McPherson Stuffs Stuffing, Valentine Drops Another F-bomb, Tesar Tesars.

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Top Chef was pretty boring this week, even though they had Dana Cowen, editor of Fud & Wine Magazine, there to judge the QuickFire. (Dana has been on the show before, and she does not -- how you say -- fuck around, when it comes to judgery. If your food tastes like someone dumped in it, Cowen will let you know.) Plus, they had Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse as team captains for the Thanksgiving elimination challenge.

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This episode could've been full of explosions (was hoping McPherson would rip out her earrings and sous vide a bitch over a tomato bisque, or that Tesar and Valentine would make out), but mostly it was full of Carla yelling for no reason and McPherson not sous vide-ing anyone yet.

Someone Not From Dallas won the QuickFire.

Padmaboobz wore a tablecloth dress. Lame.

Then, they played a rip-off of Mission: Impossible music as Tom and Emeril entered the room to pick their teams for the Thanksgiving elimination challenge. McPherson made some good stuffing. Then, 30 minutes of show happened and nobody we care about really fought or dropped anything or ripped hair out.

And then, after the nicest person ever on Top Chef was kicked off the show, the Tesar train finally showed up. He lectured McPherson a little about her performance.


That led CJ and Valentine to these faces:


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