Seducing Lakewood Brewing Company's Temptress at the Common Table

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Common Table Lakewood Temptress.jpg
Lakewood's Temptress before ice cream
Lakewood Brewing Company's Temptress has been turning heads since Dallas' newest brewery released the beer earlier this fall. I had a chance to taste it at Brewfest downtown, but I've been looking for an opportunity to sit down and get to know a glass a little more intimately.

The Common Table in Uptown has the heady brew on draft right now. It's available in a 10-ounce pour for $5, or a mind numbing 20-ounce pour for $9.

The beer is a little too sweet and heavy for me, but if you're into rich beers with a lot of booze (~9 percent ABV) and heavy chocolate and malt flavors, you'll likely find something to appreciate here.

Of course you could just play up the sweetness even more and order the beer as a dessert. The Common Table offers the Temptress in milkshake form, complete with a whiskey-soaked maraschino cherry. I ordered this number to follow up a sandwich and it was gone in seconds.

Common Table Milkshake.jpg
Lakewood's Temptress after ice cream

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What you need to order instead is something not so sweet or heavy. Something without all those chocolate and malt flavors.


Like a milkshake. Duh.


@cityofate you thought Temptress was too sweet but ordered the milk shake? @Common_Table speaking of, is that a regular menu fixture?


@kergo1spaceship How could a stout be too dark sir?

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