Be A Good Person and Hang at the Windmill Tonight (Nov. 20) for a Sandy Recovery Benefit

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Local barkeep and spirited entrepreneur Jason Kosmas is on the last leg of a four-city whistle-stop tour around Texas raising money for his old 'hood that was in the path of the Frankenstorm Sandy. Kosmas is part owner of Employees Only, a bar in NYC, which luckily didn't suffer any damage from the storm.

But, as a one-time resident of the East Village (he moved to Dallas for a little more elbow room to raise his family), Kosmas wanted to do something to help the small businesses and family-owned spots in the neighborhood. Like Kafaka, a Serbian restaurant on Avenue C that lost most of its kitchen equipment when Sandy pushed 3 feet of water from the East River into the basement. Owner Vladimir Ocokoljic worked as a bartender of more than a decade to save up for this small restaurant. And while he can apply for a loan through FEMA, like any owner he just wants needs to get functional so the restaurant can start pulling in a little cash flow.

So, Kosmas has rallied the troops and tonight (Tuesday, November 20) three Dallas bartenders are taking over the Windmill Lounge on Maple Avenue to raise money to help Kafaka.

Omar YeeFoon and Julian Pagan, both from Cedars Social, as well as Mate Hartai of The Libertine will serve New York-inspired cocktails for a $5 donation each. Charlie Papaceno of the Windmill said there will also be some munchies available.

The Windmill Lounge is at 5320 Maple Ave. and the Sandy fundraiser lasts from 6 to 10 p.m.

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Windmill Lounge

5320 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX

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noble cause.......let's help out!



I gotta admit, the first 25 times I ran by this story ...........I kept reading , "Local barkeep",  and I just kept hitting that small "X "in the top right hand corner of my screen. 


I think I'm less impressed by how Dallas Observer Staffers think that "I F+CKING LOVE THANKSGIVING" is SO funny.  I ask myself, is it really that funny? Oh, that Alice Laussaude; she's the Corby Davidson of print, errr, digital media.





other things that make me hit the small "x" and go to the ESPN website:


-"local security guard at the city dump......."

-"walmart employee's say......."

-"postman runs over geriatric and ......"

-"Gavin Cleav......."

-"Dallas Morning News writers Jackie Floyd and Steve Blow"........this one makes me want to hit myself in the head with a pic ax. 

-"Black Friday........."

-"Responsibility, what's your policy" (complimented by a demure, kitten like shake voice; ala Michelle Wie; and then complimented by a 400 pound Midwestern woman claiming, "I like Dallas/Fort Worth!"

-"Hi, my name is MMMMMMMick MMMMMamis. does the IRS want to kill you?"

-"Hi, my name is Henry Lewis in Canton......."     

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