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Burger week was so crazy I forgot to run a post pointing to my weekly review. Last week I hit up Velvet Taco, a restaurant I know has caused some consternation amongst taco purists who prefer their taquerias dingy, dirty and cheap.

In a town that offers so many authentic taquerias, fancy incarnations of the popular street food can come off a little clunky, but every time I pass the Henderson Avenue restaurant late on the weekend evenings the place is mobbed. While Velvet Taco might not for everyone, it certainly resonates with more than enough Dallasites to keep the restaurant chugging along.

While the tacos here lack the simplicity of a suadero taco topped only with onions and cilantro, you can't deny the results are delicious. They're also a photographer's wet dream. Take colorful ingredients into fresh tortillas and lettuce cups in a restaurant with lots of natural light and even I could end up with a pretty shot or two.

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Velvet Taco

3012 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

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Personally, I enjoy both the dingy, dive taqueria's (Tacos el Banqueta) where I'm usually the only gringo in the joint and, the more expensive and sophisticated, Velvet Taco. I Love the cornmeal dusted oyster taco and the raw, Ahi tuna in the lettuce shell.


Those look incredible!  Once, I had the opportunity to live on the Mexican border in Laredo (Blue Bird Motel, late 80's), and we are just now catching up with those street vendors I perused back in the day. I always wondered how a taco could sit in a glass case all day, with very little ice, and not kill someone. Never did; and I always ate em. AND CHEAP!  



ps-Note: Never try to get to Antarctica in an old VW with no money, no luck, no looks, and no talent-it just won't work. I didn't even make it past Nuevo Laredo.  But it was nice doing nothing but drinking those short Coronito's, and drinking that cheap tequila; until I got held up in the desert by some +sshole with a butter knife. When I saw my brother off in the train station in NR, and chickens were running everywhere, and our buddy was puking out the window of the train, I wished them good riddance-gladly.  And I was happy to be free of the Purple Microdot those two assclowns were smuggling INTO Mexico, in Band Aids. 


I pushed that VW hard towards Temple, with duct tape and moxie........and made it all the way home.

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