Mockingbird Taproom To Open Next Month

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The folks behind Mockingbird Taproom announced a December opening date and a tentative menu for the new 40-tap sports bar located in Mockingbird Station. The release comes on the heels of an announcement of a Smashburger opening in the coming weeks in the same location.

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The new sports bar boasts 20 plasma TVs and claims to offer gastropub cuisine, but I'm not seeing much "gastro fare" in the attached menu.

The menu makes no mention of pâté, roast chickens, hand-crafted ingredients, bangers or other Anglophile references I've come to associate with gastropubs. Really, it looks more like run-of-the-mill pub grub.

There will be burgers (of course) offered with various toppings and quirky names. The Texas Slammer comes topped with brisket chili and jalapeños, and Vader's Revenge boasts a black-pepper crust and two fried eggs.

If wings are your thing, you can order them sauced from mild to Y.G.H.U.T., which apparently stands for "you're gonna hate us tomorrow." (I'm still partial to Bryan Street Tavern's claim that their thermonuclear wings will "cluck you up," but clearly the burning ass jokes with respect to piquancy aren't going anywhere anytime soon.)

The rest of the menu offers Tex-Mex style tacos and various sandwiches.

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I am disturbed by the rash of shopping center "taprooms" like zero atmosphere + a good beer selection = a relaxing space


Park Lane

W o B

and now Mockingbird Station


Its like the suburbs are collapsing into the city


Dont even get me started on the gastro trend, doesnt all food go to your gastro

Food + Bar = Gastropub, The days of a bar existing as simple drinking place are long gone so its not really necessary to seperate yourself from bar or pub they all have bar or pub food,


Lets create a word for a bar that is just a bar no food, no trendy shit, no fake British decorations, no ping pong tables, just its own merit as a place to get a drink and tell me where that place is    

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