Kung Fu Saloon Announces Massive Sandwich Called "The Dank" on Facebook

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In case you're wondering what kind of food you can purchase at the recently opened Kung Fu Saloon in Uptown a recent picture posted to their Facebook page should sum things up nicely.

Dubbed The Dank, the sandwich requires two bamboo skewers for structural support and includes the following...

two cheese and jalapeno stuffed beef patties topped with bacon, onion rings, more cheese, and the works, stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

The rest of the menu sticks to traditional and slightly less caloric bar fare. They offer chicken wings with various sauces, lettuce wraps for the carbohydrate conscious, sandwiches including a Philly cheese steak I'd like to check out in the coming weeks, and tacos.

The nooner never stood a chance.

Kung Fu Dank Large.jpg

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Kung Fu Saloon

2911 Routh St., Dallas, TX

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Ohhhhh ,Facebook (all the air leaves the balloon!).......guess I won't be "knowing: what the "Dank" is; unless I get lonely or desperate, like everyone on Facebook.   Guys(or nana), they have this new thing called............Twitter; it's great!   Try it out, and you won't appear so lonesome, and/or troll like. 


ps-I know what Super Dank is, just nor regular Dank. 



@livinglarge0210 holy crap yesssss


The problem with "grilled cheese bread" sandwiches is that the grilled cheeses are always so lazy. Texas toast wrapped around a couple slices of American. Unless you're saddling up to a bowl of Campbell's tomato, there's just no occasion for it.

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