Dallas Chefs and Personalities on Favorite Burgers, Then and Now, Plus What Makes A Great Burger

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What's your favorite burger now?
Maddy: "Hands down, Off-Site Kitchen. Sorry, Snuffers. It's the perfect one-hand cheeseburger on a Friday before service. I think I've had one every Friday since they opened."

Alexis: "Love the Grape, Maple and Motor, Twisted Root, but I have to say Liberty Burger by a hair. The variety there appeals to my admittedly weird burger tastes."

Dhurandhar: "I would say a tie in between our 'Pat La Frieda' patty at the new Nick & Sam's grill and Off-Site Kitchen."

Cuban: "The buffalo burgers at Twisted Root by SMU. Healthy, tasty, lots of good fixin's."

Erdeljac: "Now, my favorite burger is definitely The Patty Melt at my restaurant, half-pound patty, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, Provolone, Swiss and a roasted garlic aioli on toasted wheat."

Davidson: "I don't eat a lot of burgers now, but I'll go with Kincaid's in Fort Worth."

Harris: "Maple and Motor."

Green: "Off-Site Kitchen's Stock cheeseburger."

Balke: "Angry Dog. They win for their options. Choices like cheese, grilled or raw onions, grilled jalapeños, bacon, condiments and numerous other options. Also, cooked on a griddle and a perfectly toasted bun."

Romano: "Eatzi's makes an excellent burger, that has to be my favorite."

Johnson: "Nowadays, I'm a big fan of the P.L.O.T. at Goodfriend (of course)."

Tate: "Honestly, I very rarely eat them. If I do it's usually at Ava or Boulevardier. I hear they're pretty good. I also had a really good burger at Goodfriend recently."

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where's the burger from in the picture at the top of the page? looks good enough to eat!


It seems like quite a few participants admitted that they don't eat that many burgers. Would this be of more use if you had contacted participants that enthusiastically devour hamburgers on at least a somewhat frequent basis?


The old Rose's on Greenville and Yale ( now SMU Blvd). I haven't had a better one since, but I hope to soon!


Medium to medium well, Corby?   What a little boy.


my two cents then i'll get out of the way. Dallas burgers. the original Point burgers on Lovers and Greenville. after dad took me there when i was about twelve i left mcdonalds and burger king behind. you can get this same burger at Lakewood First and Ten.

Snuffers on Greenville. might not what it use to be but sometimes it is. and what it used to be is THE burger in D that started all this mess so please pay some respect. I will always remember the burger i had after watchin Albert King across the street at Nicks.



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