Dallas Based El Chico To Be Featured In Smithsonian's Resetting America's Table

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The Smithsonian's American History Museum will feature Dallas-based El Chico as part of a look at how new immigrants have shaped the American food culture. The new exhibit, dubbed Resetting the Table will explore how social and cultural movements affected what's on the table in America.

The El Chico story began with a mother's homemade tamales at a small county fair before her five sons opened up a cafe featuring her recipes. Now the Consolidated Restaurant Operations Inc. owns 57 El Chico locations in addition to 59 other restaurants including Cantina Laredo, Lucky's Cafe, III Forks and more.

Think the Tex-Mex chain is a good representation of the Mexican culture's influence on the American table? El Chico will be the only Mexican brand featured in the new exhibit.

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 "New immigrants have shaped the American food culture"...... the great thing about America is that she keeps on evolving as she envelopes new cultures; it wasn't that long ago that Italian food was burgeoning, and shaping our palates. I think El Chico is OK to represent Tex Mex. On The Border is more of a national thing, but, too dumpy for The Smithsonian-although I do enjoy OTB every now and again.  


Tex Mex's impact on America is tremendous; and I don't go one single day without consuming something from that camp (Salsa, Jalapeno's, Tequila, Tortilla's, etc.)!  


ps-Want to make some money?  Open a Tex Mex joint in the Northeast.  My brother took me to this place onCape Cod, and they served American Cheese on Nacho's.......WTF? The next day I went to a sub shop "jonesing" for some Tex Mex, and the guy made me a Fajita Sub; all it was was a chicken breast on a hoagie. Finally, I once stayed at the Holiday Inn in Trinidad Colorado,  and ordered some nacho's in the bar; figured what the heck, certainly they UNDERSTAND Tex Mex (since Colorado used t be part of Texas!)  The waitress asked what I wanted on said nacho's, and I responded "everything"......when the thing came out my daughter and I laughed because it had olives, pepperoni,  green peppers, and diced ham on, like, 4 pounds of chips.  It looked like someone shot a moose and threw it on a plate; but, it was good!


5 Greatest Songwriters of the Rock Era:


-Paul Simon

-Peter Gabriel


-Paul Simon


5 Greatest Hikes of The Southwest:


-Grand Canyon (no explanation needed-the GREATEST)

-Platuro, Colorado (stayed this summer, and the high temp was 57....the low 45.  Good trout fishing.  No Ice needed; stick your sh+t in the river/creek (a constant 42 degree's).

-The peak(s) above the Great Sand Dunes (Good luck getting up there! Either go the front side and bury your car in the sand, or go the back way up a 14'er) 

-Morphy Lake (hard to find, glacial lakes, good fishing, watch out for gangs.) 

-Rocky Mountain National Park.




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