Chef Mills of Chop House Burgers in Arlington Expands with Steak and Seafood Restaurant

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Chop House Burgers
Bud Kennedy at DFW Eats Beat got the official word on a new spot from Chef Kenny Mills of Chop House Burgers in Arlington. Mills recently took over what was most recently the Blue Danube restaurant in Pantego and has plans to open a steak and seafood restaurant in its place.

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Pantego is a town within a town that you should never ever consider driving through with an expired inspection sticker. The restaurant dynamics there are fickle. A handful of restaurants, like the locally owned Mijo's and Saljo's, do well. But, most places, close about as quickly as they open.

Chop House Burgers, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives last year, is just half a mile up the road from Pantego -- and is doing fantastic. On reputation alone, the new seafood and stake place should do great. Plus, that area is lacking a for an upscale restaurant.

In addition to this new spot, Mills also just completed an expansion of Chop House Burgers. After appearing on the Food Network, long lines sometimes snaked awkwardly through the restaurant out the front door. Mills took over additional adjoining real estate and has twice the amount of dining space now.

And, if all that's not enough, Mills also has an in-house baker who previously worked at Central 214 as the pastry asistant, then at Dallas Chop House when Chef Mills was there. The bakery is called Bake it To the Limit.

Wait. One more thing. Chop House also now carries a full line of Dublin Soda.

No timeline yet on when the new place will open.

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Since I tout his burger so much, I would like to send him a big ol Good Luck! Hope the steakhouse is as good as the regular Chophouse burger, and you'll do fine.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Pantego is a town I dont go 1 mph over the speed limit, and you are right,  Saljo's is about the only reason to go there other than The Tom Thumb I go to right there.  

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