Bowl and Barrel's New Menu Looks Really Good

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I don't normally geek out over newly released menus. They can read well, but if the dishes aren't executed well then all the drool on my keyboard was for nothing.

I'm having a hard time sitting on Bowl and Barrel's new menu though, and it's not just because popular Dallas chef Sharon Hage is behind the design. There's some really interesting stuff on this thing.

Hand-cut fries are standard, but the Trappist aioli they serve it with makes me curious. Olives warmed up with citrus and herbs is something I know I'd order if I were drinking wine.

Ever hear of rumaki? How can you turn down chicken livers and green apple wrapped in bacon on a toothpick? Hot fried quail, hand pies and oysters on the half shell round out a list of appetizers that average around $6 a plate.

The rest of the offering reads like what you might expect from a decent bar food menu, but there are mentions of free-range chicken and local beef. Sandwiches and entrees run from $10-19.

Hage will not be working the kitchen, but she did train the staff, and I hope they can hang on to whatever knowledge she imparted while she worked with the crew. I'm not much of a bowler, but this bar food menu reads like one of the more interesting I've seen in Dallas in a while.

Have a look...

Bowl & Barrel Menu 11.27

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Why do they only have one local beer?  And only in bottles at that.  Where are the great local options from Peticolas, Four Corners, Firewheel, Franconia, etc.??  It appears they put a lot of thought into the food menu, but little into the beer menu.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

"Ever hear of rumaki?"

Ever hear of Trader Vic?

Interesting menu worth a try but....

Quinoa served with burger n sandwich?

No beer prices?

Only butterscotch pie for desert?


Is this really food to eat while bowling?  I love Sharon Hage's food and I hope they can pull this off.  Given the amount of square footage devoted to the bowling alley the only way to make money is to have people bowling and turning over the lanes.  Having an emphasis on people eating and lingering is in conflict with the necessity for turnover.


"Ever hear of rumaki?"

Are you serious? It's older than your mama's mama! I guess the Observer simply pay kids off the bus just enough to eat one more meal before they run back home to Wisconsin.

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