Bowl and Barrel to Open Soon with Some Potentially Impressive Bar Food

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If you're looking for a way to burn off a few (and only a few) calories after your Thanksgiving feast this year, Dallas' first boutique bowling alley will be there to help you. Bowl and Barrel just announced they'll be open for business November 28.

In addition to 15 bowling lanes tricked out with leather seating and a private event space for all of your bar mitzvah needs, the fancy bowling alley will feature a full-service restaurant. But if you're picturing nachos with canned cheese and wrinkly hot dogs cooked on hot rollers, think again. Sharon Hage designed the menu.

When we talked to Hage back in February she mentioned she was working a few special projects but declined to give us any details. Apparently she was working on her seven-10 split. The menu is described as clever American tavern food and features house-baked pretzels, a fresh oyster program, artisan hot dogs and sandwiches.

Oysters on the half shell and bowling shoes? Sounds like a potential disaster. But there's no way I'm missing Hage's take on bar food.

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Too bad something like this didn't open up on Lower Greenville like they were talking about a while back


Why is everyone complaining, the article clearly says the establishment is "there" for you. Let's keep some things a mystery.


 @CitizenKane Great, a website.  You have figure out to click on Contact Us from their own freaking website to get a location.  Are they TRYING to go out of business before they even open?

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