Aussies Create PETA's Worst Nightmare: The 20-Animal Stuffed "Turducken Ridiculous"

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Turducken Redonk.jpg
Your Thanksgiving turkey is already lame and you haven't even roasted it or set your garage on fire trying to fry it yet. Australia has ruined the fattest of holidays for everyone and they don't even celebrate it! And here I thought we Americans were the only ones proudly shoving giant, gluttonous piles of meat into our jiggly faces.

According to the Huffington Post, Australian radio show Merrick and the Highway Patrol recently helped take the lame ol' Turducken to a level no human ever should, and all with the blessing of a Michelin-starred U.K. chef.

Chef Heston Blumenthal states:

I was thinking how do you stuff an Emu into a Wallaby, I thought it was going to be a real challenge, but it sounds fascinating! It sounds like you've gone for the most ambitious and ridiculous turducken... It sounds brilliant, the more ridiculous the better, any disbelievers will be converted!

The "Turducken Ridiculous" combines an astounding 20 animals into one massive boulder of heart-stopping meat. In a nightmarish, Saw movie type process involving shoving animals into other animals and more animals into other animals, the final product emerges like everything you never wanted to see come out of an oven. America needs to step it up.

What 20 animals did they use? Why yes, there's a picture for that too:

Turducken 20 List.jpg
Start with the pigeon and work your way out.

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What are PETA people thankful for?  Being hairy, angry and stinky?  Eat a steak....relax-I am! 


I recommend:


A petite beef sirloin (easy to cook); I would cook it medium rare, so it's juicy. I'd compliment that with a plum bbq sauce.  


Basic Easy BBQ Sauce:

-tomato sauce, ketchup, lemon juice, onion powder, vinegar, tabasco, brown sugar, beef fat, secret ingrediants.


Petite Sirloin goes well with:

Smoked Squash and Zucchini (marinate with balsamic and olive oil) with Parmesan and fajita spice.

Baby Spinach Salad w/Mandarins, Homemade Croutons, Diced Swiss and Feta. 

New Potatoes w/Bacon Bits, Butter, Shredded Jack Cheese and Lemon Pepper .



Shots of Jose Quervo.




I also recommend:


King Ranch Casserole (make sure  the chicken is smoked, and that the cream sauce is spicy!)


Pumpkin Layer Dip w/Chips (canned pumpkin and jalapeno juice, sour cream, Rotels, diced olives, diced japs, shredded cheese, fresh oregano, fajita spice, and cumin, Enjoy with chips and crostini's!  Ole!

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