A 'Stache, a Ginger and a Tesar: Top Chef: Seattle Features Three Badass Dallas Chefs

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Padmaboobz is the host of Top Chef. She's also a judge. When she wears a turtleneck, it's a sign to viewers that the episode will suck. So, look for that this season.
Every week, I will watch Top Chef. I will not recap the episodes scene-by scene, because that is dumb: if you wanted to watch it, you watched it already and you don't need me to tell you that there were opening credits, chefs got sweaty, and someone yelled "fuck" at food. If you want that kind of recap, I'm sure Wikipedia or DSideDish can hook you up. This will be much more serious journalism.

PADMA'S BOOBS ARE BACK!!! Wednesday's premiere of Top Chef brought back Padma's weird pronunciation of "Fud & Wine Festival," Tom Colicchio's bald-eagleness, and Awesomeass Unibrow Guy Hugh Acheson, and raised us Emeril Lagasse and Wolfgang Puck.

Three Dallas chefs are contestants this season: The John Tesar, The Joshua Valentine and The Danyele McPherson. It is your job as a Dallas person to watch this show and cheer for the Dallas chefs. Because they are badasses, and every one of them deserves to go to the Fud & Wine Festival.

We quickly learned that this season on Top Chef, there will be tons of motherfuckin' chefs crossing their motherfuckin' arms and not smiling. Welcome to the chef gun show, ladies.

crossed arms chefs.jpg
Tom Colicchio Blue Steel, Hugh Acheson Confused Unibrow Steel, Emeril Lagasse "I'm Farting" Steel

John Tesar talks about how D Magazine says everyone in Dallas hates him the most. Well, you know what, Johnny? That's exactly the kind of shit that's gonna make you perfect for reality TV. I hope each episode has footage of you exploding on people, and then I hope you rename your restaurant "Explode You" and I hope you make millions of dollars off of exploding on people while serving them seasonal vegetables. I'm sure they'll make you'll cry on TV. I hope you win.

Tesar Top Chef Drinking Game: Every time he throws his hands in the air, hits something, or cries, you drink.

John Tesar just wants a hug, you guys.

Minutes into the premiere, it was obvious that there would be an epic battle of the handlebar mustaches.

Joshua Valentine 'Stache wins all the shit.

Joshua Valentine 'Stache beat Other Guy 'Stache in one episode. Other Guy 'Stache didn't even make it to the real judges' table. Tom Colicchio cut him and was totally thinking, "Your mustache sucks compared to Dallas' Joshua Valentine's mustache. Get out of my hot, hot face."

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May Josh win this entire thing thing, not because of the stache, not because he's a great guy all around, but because he 's a damn good chef! Josh Valentine... Winning.


Josh's stache is definitely the coolest Ive ever seen. Go Josh Go!!!


Cool. I look forward to following this. Gingers rule!!!!!!


The stache thing was a spoiler though. ha ha ha


 @Mervis The show aired two nights ago. And I can't not talk about mustaches. C'mon.


@cheapbastard I laborously typed ha ha ha to convey my sarcasm young lady.

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