A New Guide to BYOB dining in the Metroplex, eatsBYOB.com

BYOB goes for cans too, right?
Holly Johnson takes a zealot's approach to imbibing in a glass of red with dinner. She doesn't always like to be told what to drink and how much to pay for it. So, she set out on a mission to find every BYOB restaurant in the Dallas region, and luckily for us, she's sharing her list.

And I think we can all agree that while sometimes it's nice to go out and have a great meal paired with a fancy-pants wine, every now and then, it's better more economical to bring your own bottle.

That's why Johnson decided to start eatsBYOB.com, an ever-evolving list of BYOB restaurants in North Texas.

Johnson spent the past two months scouring the area and then called each spot to verify the status. For instance, often a new restaurant will temporarily offer BYOB as an option before it get their liquor license.

At this point, Johnson feels comfortable that she's given her list a thorough parsing.

"The thing with BYOB establishments is the status fluctuates, therefore there is no guarantee they will still BYOB," Johnson said. "I will continuously be tracking what other information I can find, in addition to allowing people to submit their recommendation through the website."

On the eatsBYOB website, a search for restaurants can be broken down by city, specific neighborhoods and types of cuisine. Counties on the site include Collin, Dallas, Denton, Kaufman, Rockwall and Tarrant.

A frugal, detail-oriented drinker with gumption. You're the whole package, Ms. eatsBYOB.

If you have any suggestions or leads, contact Holly through the website or EatsBYOB Facebook page.

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As Scott Reitz mentions in the review this week go try Sakhuu.  Great little BYOB restaurant on the same corner as Jimmy's, Urbano Cafe, Mai's and Jade Garden.  BYOB paradise!


Abocca Italian at Meadow Rd. at Central Expwy. is BYOB, and Abocca has the best Italian food in Dallas, the homemade bread and dipping sauce with fresh garlic and basil is amazing.  Don't miss this gem, it is near the Tom Thumb on Meadow Rd.


I love it when I handcraft a 25 minute dissertation on BYOB, and the stupid Livefyre just shoots it into outer space.......I mean, I finally have a opinion that doesn't make fun of Garland, Oklahoma, rednecks and Walmart, per a Mr. Joe H. Tone (I don't know what the H stands for), and I post it and it's freaking gone-into outer space. 

ps-The gist:  Campisi's and Joe's are excellent places in Plano to BYOB. That way you don't have to pay 11 bucks for a drink; like I did last week. 


Highlight your dissertations and ctrl+c before you post. A little insurance for the real gems.



i actually know better, but I've been in "lazy mode" drinkin' Shiner, sippin' tequila and listening to Jeff Beck Yardbirds circa 1965; time to get back to work! Oh yeah-and hiking.  and eating.  

ps-I caught an alligator gar yesterday with a clump of mud and a stick-and I am NOT shitting you, sir.  


How did you cook the Gar?

Best and worst concert in one night, Jeff Beck at Starplex circa early 2000's. Front row for the guitar legend. He tore it up. Worst part was looking up at his package, which was prominitely displayed down his left leg. Very distracting. lol

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