Frito-Lay Gets World Record for Largest Frito Pie Ever at State Fair

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State Fair of Texas' Facebook
Two weeks ago, CoA announced that the Frito-Lay folks were going to attempt to build a record setting Frito pie. Today we're here to tell you it's been done.

From the State Fair of Texas Facebook page:

It's official! We have a new Guinness World Record: The folks from Frito-Lay have created the largest Fritos Chili Pie weighing in at 1,325 pounds! Congratulations @fritos80th Anniversary! #gwrnews

Frito Lay's Twitter
The pie was assembled in a massive stainless steel trough, filled to the brim with canned Hormel chili, canned orange cheese and a mountain of corn chips. The 1,200-pound goal was obliterated by an extra 125 pounds of sodium and cholesterol.

If you can't make it to the fair before those chips get soggy, fret not. Everything you need to make your own version is available at your local 7-Eleven. You can pick up the toiletries you'll need later too.

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It was the good cheese... yellow cheddar from plastic bags, the perfect complement to canned chili. No onions, the recipe was dumbed down for the consuming fair-goers. Did they give it away?

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Homel chili fail. Should of used a Texas Chili.


It's not real Frito Pie if it uses canned cheese.  For shame!  I remember the slit bag, real cheese, chopped onions high school football game Frito Pie. 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@happygrrl no. they feed it to the unicorns. But then that gave then the farts. It was truely magical.

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