Whole Stuffed Camel-Turducken Actually Happens. Who's Hungry?

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Actually NOT how you're supposed to stuff a camel.
Recently a link was posted on Reddit about the "largest item on any menu in the world" and it linked to a Wikipedia page that read like this:

"a whole stuffed camel is a culinary delicacy composed of a medium-sized camel stuffed with a sheep or a lamb stuffed with other ingredients."

Process that for a minute. I love it that they suggest the lamb or sheep go inside a "medium-sized" camel. A big one is probably too tough and gamey.

There's a Snopes page for their recipe, but I breezed past it because I want to keep this legend alive, and instead went to a Food.com recipe page for specific instructions. The author of the post, Mirj, promises, "Not a joke, this is an actual recipe. My kids went to a Bedouin camp exhibit and everyone got a copy of this recipe."

The Bedouin are a desert-dwelling Arabian people. So, this recipe would be found in any rudimentary, outback, survival guide to the desert, which totally makes sense.

The recipe starts with skinning, trimming and cleaning a camel, lamb and chicken. Then, "Boil to tender."

[Loud annoying buzzer.] How does anyone boil a freaking camel? You have to cook it over an open fire pit. Like this dude.


I wonder if we can special order one of these at Central Market for a company cookout next summer. And then we can all argue about who gets the hump meat.

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I'd prefer a steer stuffed with a pig stuffed with turkey stuffed with chicken stuffed with cornish game hen stuffed with two hummingbirds...wrap that sumbitch in bacon and cover in bacon jam! Viola, and Go Rangers!!

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

I think you have to camelize the onions first.


I would call dibs on the wishbone but if I'm eating a whole roasted camel, that has already come true.

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