Victoria's Mexican Grill is in the Works in Oak Cliff

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A new restaurant, Victoria's Mexican Grill, will be opening soon in two-story house at 607 Willomet Ave., just down from Norma's Café. The house is undergoing a remodel right now, including new doors and windows. Wrap-around patios both upstairs and downstairs look like they have a lot of potential, and I'm anxious to see the final product.

I tried calling to get the scoop, but can't get in touch with them. Here's what we know based on the exterior of their building and Facebook:

• They're hiring, which is usually an indication a place is weeks from opening.

• They'll be serving piña coladas out of real hollowed-out pineapples.

• Carlos wants you guys to call him for the water and sewer permits.

• They have a fax number, which is good to see faxes are still appreciated by people other than myself. They were a game changer, people. Lest we forget ...

• Victoria's expects to serve the best Tex-Mex in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

• They don't take personal checks, but they do take all major credit cards.

I love a good investigation. As soon as they open I hope to investigate their enchiladas and piña coladas, hopefully at a table on one of those large wrap-around patios.

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No relation to La Victoria.....I asked and this is the first restaurant for owner Jorge Flores.


Food and service was fabulous.  Jorge the owner and Maria the manager were both available to answer any questions we might have on the menu and drinks.  All I can say for now is the special plate of the day ( guiso with rice and beans) and the Sangriarita were absolutely  to our liking....and we wil definitely return!!!!   ....Esther R


Because NOC really needs another Tex-Mex joint...

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Facsimile machines: The bane of every engineer's existence since the 1980's when they became widely used to transmit illegible copies of detailed and complicated documents across the globe at the speed of a turtle with the mere touch of 37 buttons.


@anonyOakCliff Most of what we have is MexMex (and SalvaTex, of course) and a couple of ok TexMex joints. And for the record, one can never have access to too many TexMex joints, especially those with rockin' patios and ridiculous beverages. As for best in DFW, that jury will be out until I sample their queso. Victoria's: keep those pineapples coming my way!

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