Two Ways To Find Value At Mughlai, One Of Dallas' Best Indian Restaurants

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Scott Reitz
I can't figure out why Indian food isn't more popular. Of all the cuisines to enjoy, it has the most character, most complexity and most diversity. A southern Indian curry flavored with coconut and heat is nothing like the rich meat stews from North India, and dishes from East India incorporate unique ingredients and flavors, too.

At Mughlai, the subject of this week's review, you can enjoy curries from Goa all the way north to Punjab, and they're all very good. A masaledar goat curry (the most expensive on the menu) with rice and a dessert will set you back $30 though, which is pricey if you're used to eating Indian from Styrofoam plates in a strip mall.

Thankfully there are two ways to get the most out of your visit to Mughlai.

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Catherine Downes
Order big!
Bring a large group of people. Every dish on the menu will feed more than one person and they're all presented in karahis with spoons for serving. Three curries and and order of rice will easily satisfy four people; the desserts, which can be heavy, lend themselves to sharing as well.

If you're a lonely diner, though, the lunch buffet is your best bet, and one of the best lunch deals to be had in Dallas. Instead of loading up a buffet with 40 dishes that are all mediocre, Mughlai plates up just a few, making sure to offer vegetable and meat dishes, bread or rice, and a dessert every day.

The buffet costs $11.95, you can eat till you pop, and the food is just as good as the regular dinner service. Just check out the buffet detail on their website to find out what's available on any given day.

As a side note, a review of Mughlai in The Dallas Morning News that ran a few months ago mentioned that Indian families filled the dining room. That demographic has been shifting, thanks to that delicious lunch buffet. Local office workers brought in by Indian office mates have been returning on their own. Cheap food, when delicious, is compelling.

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I have been to Mughlai on 2 different occasions.  First time around, the buffet was decent, not great.  However, I wanted to give them a second chance, so I visited again couple weeks ago.  It was an absolute disaster, everything tasted stale, and I would imagine so since there was only 1 other table besides us in the middle of lunch hour.  I would definitely not recommend it to anybody.  If you want good indian food, there are plenty of other choices.  India west is my personal favorite, it has great delicious food and the ambiance and service is incomparable, also for cheap buffet food, I would suggest Our place in irving.


We're big fans of Mughlai. We find both their food and service almost incomparable in Dallas. The food is delicious and their service is very welcoming.

Their Sunday buffet (starts at 12:00 noon) is amazing!

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

Being that my grandfather was from India (Im only a 1/4, he married a white lady), I can attest to the awesome flavors of curry.  My personal favorite is the more soupy but spicy version, but I like curry from all different regions of India.  The flavors and tastes are outstanding. 

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