The New BuzzFeed Food Site Just Killed Bacon

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BuzzFeed Food
BuzzFeed recently expanded its repertoire to include a site dedicated to food, and one of its first bacon features (we anticipate many) is "11 Ways to Cook Bacon That Will Probably Kill You."

They beat bacon not to "within an inch of its life," but rather they beat it so far beyond all recognition that dental records can't even help identify bacon anymore. They beat the livin' double-fried, cheese-stuffed, 90-gazillion-grams-of-fat shit outta it. Then for good measure, they rolled and dipped it. They also promoted a dream catcher made of bacon, which I'm sure is sacrilege somehow.

This will be fun.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I have to try some of those.  Damn, that grilled cheese looks epic

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

This is the very definition of the phrase "Too much of a good thing." Also, that bacon turtle has either too many legs or too many heads.


Is it just me or did the "different ways to cook bacon" keep getting more and more extreme until the very last "epic" bacon grilled cheese? Kind of anticlimatic no?

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