The Pumpkin Spice Latte Shortage Of 2012: Another B.S. Shortage

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A new marketing ploy is gaining popularity. It's called the shortage. The technique was successfully leveraged a few weeks ago to drum up press for the already over-hyped pork product we all love way too much: bacon. Now Starbucks is getting into the shortage game with an alleged pumpkin spice latte shortage.

Last week news that some locations of the world-dominating coffee chain have been experiencing temporary outages of the syrup required to assemble the cloying beverages.

The pumpkin spice latte contains no pumpkin, and no other ingredients in the syrup have reported shortages. Starbucks has also been marketing the drink every fall for years, making a shortage early in the season unlikely.

Still, the story took off, hitting many blogs and even The Wall Street Journal. Now containers of the elixir are selling on Ebay for... oh wait. There we go. Shortage over.

I have a proposed alternative to the pumpkin latte shit show:

It's called a pumpkin. With heat, and other ingredients it can be turned into delicious things like pie, tarts, soups and really cool lanterns. You should try it.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

The only thing in short supply at Starbucks is common sense in their customer base.


Can the food industry go ahead and get over anything pumpkin in October? Please and thank you.


The McDonalds of coffee shops everybody. Enjoy your fake pumpkin coffee. If you want real ingredients, go to Start off Lower Greenville


You gotta love the typical American that buys into the 'consumer" culture!  I don't give rip about SB, or Pumpkin Latte's.......FOOLS. No wonder the rest of the world has caught up with us.  We have no space program, and we love Subway, and Starbucks? Really-WOW. 


PS-Every time my mother in law visits, she requests Starbucks, and I get that Walmart brand coffee-and just make it SUPER strength; she loves it!


@cityofate The NYT story on the 'bucks pumpkin syrup shortage cracked me up. The quotes of the genuinely upset are hilarious.

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