Studio Movie Grill at Spring Valley Opens this Weekend with Dollar MOVIES!

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Ben Affleck trying to get in to the dollar movie this weekend. "No, I'm not trying to sneak in my own snacks. Promise."
The new Studio Movie Grill at Spring Valley opens this Friday with $1 movie tickets all weekend, October 12 - 14. And, if you bring a canned food for the North Texas Food Bank, you'll get in free - it's the "Cans Film Festival."

This new SMG theatre at 13933 N. Central Expressway (at Spring Valley) is the tenth Texas location and the largest to date. The Dallas-based company has got their work cut out for them as an Alamo Draft House is opening at Central and Beltline (one "block" north) in the spring. Oh, it's the battle of local versus cool-hipster-Austin. What to do... what to do...

Nevermind that right now though. Details include:

Studio Movie Grill's Spring Valley location will house a twelve screen upscale theater, complete with Texas Instruments DLP powered projectors by Barco, and Dolby's most advanced 3D and digital technology on all 12 screens. As well as an expansive menu for in-theater dining.

With ticket prices so cheap, maybe you can even afford some grub and a few drinks. There are eight different movies showing, including "Argo" and "Taken 2," and about 125 different show-times. I counted. Weird, huh?

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I have a feeling the locals coming in for the $1 movie and the usual SMG crowd will not mesh culturally.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

Too bad the movies are all shit right now.  That's not SMG's fault.  (They are where I go when there is a movie worth two hours of my life.)

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