Stemmons Freeway Taco Cabana Is Open For Business

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New Taco Cabana 6.jpeg
The new semi-enclosed patio that feels pretty indoors
Taco Cabana fans in Dallas have another option for their late-night black bean burrito cravings. The fast food chain opened another location on Stemmons Freeway just south of the Medical District this week.

The updated restaurants are marked by the enclosed patio seating that features collapsible windows to let in the weather and the salsa bars you've seen cropping up around the older locations.

Oh, and this guy ...

New Taco Cabana1.jpeg
At least it's not August
Other than this poor soul, you can expect the same old fajitas, quesadillas, hand-rolled flautas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos and salsas you've been enjoying after a long night out at the bar at any other location.
New Taco Cabana 2.jpeg

New Taco Cabana 3.jpeg
Fresh, but not handmade tortillas

New Taco Cabana 4.jpeg
The new outdoor patio

New Taco Cabana 5.jpeg
Facebook friendly

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