Private Social Turns One, And Now You Can Leave The Ear Plugs at Home

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Just over a year ago last September, Private Social opened to a red carpet affair and the adulation of Dallas diners. A review printed weeks later in The Dallas Morning News agreed with the public and chef Tiffany Derry earned four stars despite a mention of the deafening dining room.

Subsequent reviews in the Observer and D Magazine also pointed to the punishing acoustics, but didn't agree with the high praise of the food.

Ceiling panels were eventually installed to absorb the excess dining chatter in the dining room, and the restaurant rolls on, marking its first year of success with a new drink menu and bar menu.

The food looks more casual than some past offerings. Korean short ribs, shishito peppers and lamb meatballs round out the snack menu with a bacon cheese burger and chili cheese dog.

Meanwhile the drinks seem as fancy as ever. Bar Manager Rocco Milano is featuring high end rum in the Dominican Drifter and Polish Bison Grass Vodka in a Champagne cocktail called the Polish 57

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Private Social

3232 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX

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I was so hopeful, and so disappointed. First time was shortly after opening and it was a loud disaster. Too many errors -cold plates, noise, no bread... . A friend said she would take us to get us to change our minds. It was better, but still far too loud. Very poor wait staff. 1/2 the dishes were excellent. But they didn't include mine. Some parts of my duck were medium rare. They certainly had the whole temperature range covered. And they didn't have the wine I wanted. So, we have given it a fair shot. But ultimately there are better places to spend the dining $


@cityofate sadly a week ago it was still ungodly loud. And very inconsistent.


I've only seen the chef in a range rover for over a yr.(wk valet)Red may be going over board but I like her restaurant but obviously Scott doesn't but he likes to write about her and how much he dislikes her spot. I just call it like I see it and someone's drinking haterade.


I see you need a story that's why your writing about the best Chef in Dallas as well as best restaurant. If y'all knew Flavors you would appreciate the food. But I see were this is going successful black Chef y'all hate to see her shine and will write about anything to try and bring her down. But I promise you she will prevail just like our president Barack Obama.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@red300c yup...that's exactly what they are doing.

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