The Soup that Inspired the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" Episode is Coming to a Tom Thumb Near You

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The SoupMan, made famous by the "No soup for you!" line on Seinfeld, is now being delivered fresh from Al Yeganeh's soup kitchen near Hell's Kitchen in New York City to local Tom Thumb grocery stores. OK, maybe that's not the exact logistics, but it's close. After years of work, they've boxed it up and are shipping it out.

The Original SoupMan comes in four varieties: lobster bisque, chicken noodle, lentil and tomato bisque, with a suggested retail value of $3.79 and $3.99 for a 17.3-ounce carton. Much better then the 10 bucks in Hell's Kitchen.

Al closed this walk up stand in 2004 to pursue his soup fame after the Seinfeld episode, which involved work on this packaged soup deal. He opened again in 2011 and, based on Yelp feedback, even ran Groupon and Living Social promotions this summer.

A quick look at the ingredients for the lobster bisque includes filtered water, cream, onions, celery, lobster, lobster base (lots of stuff), roux, corn starch, potatoes, white wine, tomato paste, garlic puree, carrots, rep peppers, spices, Tabasco sauce, cilantro, curry powder. There are 250 calories in one 245 gram serving (two per container), 16 grams of fat and 800 mg of sodium.

Check their slightly fussy website for exact locations.

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You're a little late. I've been seeing this on the shelves at the Tom Thumb on Hampton in Oak Cliff for weeks.

primi_timpano topcommenter

I thought North Park had a soup nazi stand in the food court?


Loved those episodes about the Soup Nazi. How soon will they be stocked? I want the Lobster Bisque and the Tomato Bisque.

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