Mike Anderson's Sloppy Mike Is A Sloppy Gut Bomb And I Like It

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Mike Anderson's Brisket Stuffed Jalapeno.JPG
When I was working my way through my 100 Favorite Dishes I received many emails with list after list of recommendations. Some of them were good, and some were terrible, but it was definitely fun to explore Dallas through my readers' eyes.

I didn't get through all of the recommendations, so when I drove past Mike Anderson's BBQ the other day on the way to a taco restaurant, a brisket-stuffed jalepeño vision flashed before my eyes. "Screw tacos," I thought, and made a hard right off of Harry Hines and into the parking lot. It was only supposed to be a minor diversion.

The problem is when you're on your way to a taco joint you're usually hungry. And when you stop into a barbecue joint and you're hungry a single little itty bitty wad of meat, cheese and pepper doesn't quite cut it. So I ordered the Sloppy Mike in addition to the stuffed jalepeño even though I was on my way to a taco restaurant.

I figured I'd just take a few bites.

Mike Anderson's Sloppy Mike.JPG
Move over lunch lady...
I didn't.

The Sloppy Mike isn't the Manwich my mother used to make. The kitchen chops smoked brisket down to strings before saucing it up with a sweet barbecue sauce. The sandwich is finished with shredded cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, jalapeño slices and hot sauce, and the meat is heaped with enthusiasm. I don't know what to say -- it's a real ass-kicker.

Minutes later my plate was nearly clean. A few hunks of sauce-soaked brisket and a slice of jalepeño were all that remained as a reminder of what I'd just done. I felt guilty.

As for the pepper, it's not my style. Bacon is pretty hard to work with when you nuzzle it up with fresh vegetables and has a way of getting soft and rubbery. The blue cheese and brisket filling however was pretty great. If they breaded and deep fried this puppy and ditched the pork they'd have a real winner.

I'll get to those tacos tomorrow.

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

That top picture.  That looks like the turd that the Sasquatch hurled at that businessman in East Texas.


Isn't Scott the knucklehead that said that chopped sammiches weren't to be considered proper BBQ?  Unless I'm missing something, this appears to be a chopped bbbq sammich.


Sloppy Mike sounds like something I would read about on Urban Dictionary. 


About time Mike's got some good pub!  I've swore by them through the years, and when ever I'm down Market Center way, I always stop in.  Now ya'll in here like to blast me when ever I bring up MA's, but, the stuff is good.  Far better then that little old BBQ place around the corner, no offense to the "Barron of Beef".  I also recommend Big Daddy's and Texoma's Best BBQ; but that's just me, and I enjoy  old school BBQ, ala Home of the BIG Chop.  Now ya'll probably prefer "them" places that use prepackaged crap, and fancy garnish, but I like the stuff you can eat below the Texoma dam, with 6 Budlights.  Well that is before the damsight dried up, and now smells like a dumpster full of diapers.......but you get the point.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@Joshsbrokendisqus Speaking of chopped....joshies is get the washie.


 @kergo1spaceship Kergs, like I've said before, the last time I tried MA's the brisket was disgusting.  Completely devoid of moisture with zero smoke flavor.  If I ever find myself back there I will go for the Sloppy Mike.  btw - Jack Perkins will be opening a BBQ restaurant in that area next year.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz and I gonna eat it

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