Monica's Latest Restaurant Brings Something New To Oak Lawn

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Lori Bandi
If you haven't been to Monica's Nueva Cocina, the subject of this week's review, you should probably get around to it soon. Not that you have to hurry. Monica's been cooking up restaurants in Dallas for more than two decades now, and something tells me her latest offering will be around for a while.

While the restaurant makes a significant departure from standard Mexican cooking, embracing the entire Americas and even Asia, my favorite dishes from her menu are the ones that stick closest to home.

The chili con carne enchiladas are a far cry from the heavy, oily versions you're used to ordering at Herrera's and other Tex-Mex places in Dallas. The tortillas are freshly made onsite from ground corn, and the beef is ground in the kitchen.

When I filled my table with a handful of dishes these babies were the first thing to disappear.


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Monica's Nueva Cocina - CLOSED

4123 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX

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I've visited Monica's several times now. My first time dining, we were inundated with service the first three quarters of our meal, but towards the end it took at least ten minutes (if not longer) to get our check and pay out.  The Vuelve a la Vida ceviche ($12) is little more than seafood drowned (and I mean DROWNED) in bland cocktail sauce--not the refreshing beachside treat that I've enjoyed in Mexico and Guatemala.


Everything from the service, to the drinks, to the salsa (varying spice levels--at lease we know they're making it in-house).


I *REALLY* want to like Monica's, so I hope that they're able to iron out the kinks and maintain the fun atmosphere. 

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