Italia Express Coming Soon to Oak Lawn

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Italia Express Sign.jpg
Would you trust this guy?
Italia Express has been stealthily moving into Oak Lawn, receiving only a small write-up in the Dallas Voice that pointed to an unrelated restaurant with the same name in the Design District.

The recently installed sign is anything but quiet, though. A massive red, white and green marquee emblazoned with the restaurant's name is crowned with an obese Italian caricature that looks ready to pinch your partner's ass while serving you a pie.

The restaurant is taking over the old Macho Nacho space that closed despite a sexy plate of queso-covered sweet potato fries.

Italia Express is the second location of a cafe in Cedar Hill that features pizza by the slice, sandwiches and salads and based on its website and pictures resembles something like a mom and pop Sbarro's Shopping mall pizza is coming to Cedar Springs Road. Friday nights will never be the same.

Italia Express Sign 2.jpg

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I Hope they're going to deliver.


When it comes to excellent pizza by the slice, try Marco's in Preston Royal Shopping Center, also has outdoor seating so you can eat it while it's hot and people watch.  


I always thought the fast Italian concept in this market would do VERY well!  Fast concept, not fast food; which is different than Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Sbarro's, etc. The closet we have is the Joe's franchise (and I use that term lightly). 


It will be interesting to see how much this hurts Zini's business across the street.

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