Isaac Rousso, Pork Wings Creator, Picks His Favorite Food at the State Fair Of Texas

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Isaac Rousso's Cubano is one of the best in Dallas. Get it while you can at the State Fair.
Last year I milled around the State Fair looking for food that wasn't fried. This year I found some of the people responsible for my favorite foods (as well as some other interesting characters) and asked them about the fair through their eyes. First up is Isaac Rousso, who's well known for his participation in the fried food game but should be known for making one of the best Cuban sandwiches in Dallas.

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Are you from Dallas?
I'm from Dallas. My parents came here from Cuba in 1962.

What's your favorite food at the fair. And play nice, now. No picking your own sandwich.
You know what? I'm going to have to pick the Belgian waffle, because I grew up eating it as a kid, with sliced strawberries on top, with whipped cream. It's just ... [Rousso releases a deep and happy sigh.] It reminds me of my youth.

How long have you been making Cuban sandwiches at the fair?
Five years.

What's your favorite thing at the fair that doesn't' have to do with food?
Well, since I'm a dad now, the games are a blast because I take my kids and they have a great time. We just go out there, and spend away.

What do you do to relax after three weeks of the State Fair?
We actually managing multiple events, while we do this fair. We'll be doing the Arts Festival in Richardson, the Cotton Wood Festival, and then we go to Vegas.

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