Hofmann Hot Dogs To Open Restaurant in Trinity Groves

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Soon to be the new Hofmann's Hot Dog restaurant.
Earlier this year we reported that the Zaccanelli Food Group, who includes Frank Zaccanelli, Phil Romano and Roger Staubach, purchased the Syracuse, New York-based Hofmann Sausage Company.

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Hofmann has been making wieners for more than 130 years and have a loyal following in the northeast. They pride themselves on a minimally processed product, sans nitrates, MSG, and artificial anything. Romano, whose other restaurants include eatZi's, Fuddruckers and Macaroni Grill, sells these wieners in his eatZi's stores, and the dogs can also be at found Albertson's across Texas. But by the end of October, Dallas diners will be able to get their fill at a Hofmann's Hot Dog restaurant.

The restaurant is going in an existing building at the corner of Singleton Avenue and McPherson Street in West Dallas and is part of the Trinity Groves development, a planned 15-acre entertainment district just west of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which is supposed to eventually comprise a bevy of restaurants, theaters and artistic boutiques.

Trinity Groves is part of West Dallas Investments, which also includes Phil Romano.


This particular building was a canvas for one of the murals created by artist Shepard Fairey earlier this year. Unfortunately, most of the mural was destroyed recently when windows were carved out of the side of the building.

Back to hot dogs ... The restaurant will be a '50s diner concept and the first of many around the nation. Romano has his bakers at eatZi's testing different buns, one of which will might be a gluten free product. Hofmann's rep Megan Lucas explained yesterday that the restaurant is designed after Romano's Fuddruckers, so customers can build their own hot dogs. Lucas expects the spot to be open by the end of October.

This is the third new hot dog restaurant in Dallas just this year: The Bowery opened this summer, and word just broke on GoOakCliff that the Sarah Lombardi, daughter of local restaurateur Alberto Lombardi, will open "Dog" in the old El Padrino taco stand in the Bishop Arts District later this year. Wild About Harry's no longer has the corner on the hot dog market.

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