GRIP Mediterranean Grill in Preston Center is Now Open for You To Make the Ultimate Gyro

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GRIP Mediterranean Grill has opened in the Preston Center at 6030 Luther Lane (a few doors down from Hopdoddy) as a fast-casual pita wrap in the same vein of Chipotle. Like, exactly the same vein. If you tested the DNA, it'd be the same, just taste and smell different.

The dining room is sleek and modern, in a "fast casual way." Warm glass light shades line the dining room, which look like maple syrup running over melted butter -- but they're not, so no licking. Hungry diners shuffle along the counter to watch the gyro assembly, pointing to this and that. Cooks constantly pull skewers of kafta and chicken from the grill to resupply the line.

You can go with a "classic" ($7), which means they make a standard wrap for you. The options are chicken, gyro (roasted strips of beef and lamb), kafta, falafel or haloumi, all of which come with different trimmings. This option is good for the flustered rookie who feels pressure and is overwhelmed by the seduction of bright vegetables and ingredients displayed in front of them.

The other option is a "custom" ($8). I should have taken this route. My gyro was good, but could have been great. First, you pick your wrap (white or wheat), then protein, sauces and vegetables. I think next time I'll get every vegetable: bell pepper, cucumber, jalapeño, mint, olives, parsley, pickled cucumber, pepper or turnips, pickles, radish and tomato.

Dips and sauces include baba ghanouj (that's how they spell it), hummus, garlic sauce, hot sauce, tahini sauce and ziziki.

Or, you can have all that as a salad.

GRIP is owned by brothers Adam and Jay Chanaa, who are also partners of Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill and Terra Mediterranean Grill.

They plan to open at least two more fast-pita-wrap restaurants near the campuses of UTA in Arlington and UNT in Denton.

The classic gyro and a tea cost about $9. I cut my wrap in half and had enough for lunch and dinner. Don't leave that wrap in your purse too long though. It'll need a mint. Or a bath.

I think after two visits I'll be able nail down the perfect ultimate gyro.

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Scott is looking for a good gyro. Has he tried this place yet?

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