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When Fred's Cafe appeared on Diners Drive-ins and Dives in 2008 the small, bare bones cafe sat on a nearly empty Fort Worth street. In the four years since, condos, apartments and parking garages have popped up all around the tiny building, wrapping the burger joint in cocoon of cement.

Fred's is changing with the times too. They've recently built a covered outdoor patio, framed in cedar, where a simple backyard area used to be. The interior has been dressed up, but only a touch.

The burgers are as big and as greasy as ever. The kitchen fries them on a flat grill with plenty of butter and brushes a little extra over the top of each bun like a doughnut glaze. I wish they'd update those buns. The soft, white, low-quality bread is no match for greasy half-pound burgers topped with hot peppers, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Mine disintegrated by the time I was halfway done with my burger.

The newly expanded back patio will be opening this week, and it looks like they could use the space. This weekend there was a wait to sit inside in the late afternoon and some customers soaked up the sun along with grease eating on the small patio out front.

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Things can get cramped inside the tiny dining room.

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Fred's Texas Cafe

915 Currie St., Fort Worth, TX

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Never had an issue with the bun, and I wouldn't call what used to be the Fort a "simple backyard area"...you weren't there prior to the Fort being built, cause it was simple back then..used to be able to walk out back and play washers and drink that "Cold Ass Beer"...go on back another ten years or so and one could play volleyball out there..


Fred's Texas is what's good about Fort Worth, long live Fred's.


The restaurant world needs more guys like Terry Chandler (Fred's) and less Tim Love.......more like Dom Dimarco and less like Jason Boso....guys who perfect their business and the food they sell; rather than celebrity wanna be's that are more interested in branding the next "it place."

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