Could Dallas' Three Newest High-Profile Restaurants Soon Be Involved In A Power Struggle?

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Will one of these three chefs fall?
While everyone prepares to take in another season of Top Chef this month, a different sort of battle will unfold in Dallas' dining season this fall. Three high-profile openings are scheduled in the coming weeks and each will compete for Dallas' discretionary dining dollars.

John Tesar's Spoon, Stephen Pyles' Stampede 66 and his protege Matt McCallister's FT-33 have received a lot of press though they've yet to serve a single dish. All three restaurants promised late summer and early fall openings.

FT-33 has received, perhaps, the most attention, as the young tattooed chef McCallister teased the city with his aggressive use of offal, lamb's neck and other exotic cuts at Campo. His stay there was short as investors quickly courted the chef with a new concept in the Design District.

FT-33 has hired a high-profile sommelier and a lead chef from the Spillers group and has started hiring other employees, which may indicate its opening is very near, according to an anonymous source.

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Get ready for the possibility of cricket tacos at Stampede 66
Stampede 66 has been drumming up coverage as well. Pyles took a recent trip to Mexico, tweeting pictures of ingredients that inspired recipe ideas and photos coveted pieces of kitchen equipment. He has also started a blog to document his progress as he opens the Southwestern-themed restaurant in Uptown.

Meanwhile in Preston Hollow, Spoon seems to have gotten off to the slowest start, possibly because of chef John Tesar's appearance on the aforementioned Bravo television show. A spokesperson for the restaurant sent out a release last week with a rendering of the restaurant's exterior, and a Facebook post announced the restaurant was looking for waitstaff and other employees.

All three restaurants should open in a few weeks of each other, and all three will court Dallas' most discerning diners. Who will emerge with the most refined menu and polished staff? Will any of these restaurants receive a coveted fifth star from The Dallas Morning News? Stay tuned...

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Seriously GET SOME REAL FOOD BLOGGING in here.... 3 restaurants opening big whoop... there are more than enough hungry Dallas people to fill all of them. Snore* 


Do you get kickbacks from these guys for mentioning their unopened restaurants again? This post has less meat than a Jack in the Box taco.




"while everyone prepares to take in another season of Top Chef this month"........really?  Maybe Ice Road Truckers, or Bering Sea Gold, but, TC?  Maybe it should read, "all the tubby ladies and LEFT HANDED hitters will be preparing to take in another season of  Top Chef; remember, some of us don't live in the sh+tty Dallas fantasy bubble-we are out living a life.  Just sayin'.


well i will patronize whichever one has checkered tableclothes and bud light on draft


Like Seinfeld, this is a post about nothing.




oh boy, you think?  next bring on an Eric N. story about a Corvette in a Southlake high school parking lot!

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

@ScottsMerkin I remember that wedding. Ramsey Cockinner and Howie Feltersnatch were caught with Selma Wifercrack in the bathroom.

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