Chilada's Fresh Mex Grill Opens Tomorrow in Plano. $50 Gift Cards for first 50 in Line.

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Chiladas Fresh Mex Grill is slated to open in Plano at 6145 Windhaven parkway this Thursday, October 11.

Chiladas takes the fresh and healthy approach to Mexican food; they say they know exactly where all the produce comes from, even down to the plot of land on the farm. Their kitchen policy also includes "no added MSG, no microwaves and no shortcuts."

At Chiladas they roll their own enchiladas, offer "hand sliced and onions pickled in house" and "use steam-peeled Roma tomatoes."

The menu for this fast-casual spot has tacos (chicken, carnitas, brisket, veggie and shrimp), quesadillas, enchiladas and salads. The salsa is made in-house and they offer preservative- and gluten- free tortilla chips.

To make some new friends in the area, on Thursday Chiladas is giving away gift cards worth $50 each to the first 50 diners or families (so, you can't take your extended family of 14 and get 14 gift cards. That's cheatin'. Spread the love, people.)

They plan to open several other restaurants in the Dallas area. So, get ready for an onslaught of steam peeled tomatoes.

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ChrisYu topcommenter

i'm going to Snuffers. i don't care if Pat buys his ground beef in the back alley.


@PaulKhamnouane are you asking me to stand in line or notifying me of the opening


While the picture looks good, I mistrust places that brag about "No MSG" --a substance with absolutely no conclusive proof that it is close to harmful. Or who puts out a poorly-proofed press release stating '"hand sliced and onions pickled in house" 


@danghanny $50 gift card... Just think about the possibilities!


@PaulKhamnouane ill pick you up at 4am

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