Chicken Scratch Adds Spicy Chicken Tacos to Menu, But (GASP!) Changed Mac and Cheese

A great personal debacle has been resolved. See, the courtyard at Chicken Scratch is one of the hippest, coolest, I-wanna-have-a-beer-there-with-ALL-my-friends places in the city. But problem is, and please judge me on this, I don't really like fried chicken. Roasted chicken is OK, but I still rarely go out of my way to eat it.

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Well dreams do come true, people, right here in this very city. They expanded their menu. Cartwheel! And, that expansion includes spicy chicken tacos, three for $7! Another cartwheel.

In addition to the birds and tacos, they have tamales (always have had those, but they're worth mentioning again), chicken and vegetable soup. They also added hummus wraps and new sides include roasted eggplant and a cabbage-jicama vinegar slaw. Plus, they changed their mac and cheese: It has green chiles and hominy now.


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Well GD...hominy is now hipster? I ain't letting you hipsters take hominy, y'all already ratholed bacon.  WTF indeed. 


And we've alread had the beans in chili conversation, and I won.  Beans added to chili make it stew which is fine and it like that sometimes (Sweetie made something called Southfork Chili last weekend from Pinterest, it was fantastic!),but alas, chili does not have beans.


My mom makes the best mac and cheese in the world ...tons of velvetta, pepper and bits of bacon.  It's so delicious and so SIMPLE.  All of these reincarnations of such a simple dish has become redundant and boring.  I'm rarely ever that blown away by any of these fancy takes on such a simple dish. Hominy in mac n cheese sounds silly.


Whatever they decide to put in mac n cheese couldn't make it worse.

One of the most insipid versions in Dallas. Taste and texture of Gerber's.

And did I mention the pink chicken or the hockey pucks they call biscuits?

The venue rocks, the food is embarrassing.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Putting hominy in mac n cheese is to putting beans in chill. Smh.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

 @Scruffygeist i hear ya scruffs!  So many ways to make it.   Speaking of, There should be a chili post as its going to be in the 40s this weekend and pot of chili and a batch of curry will be perfect


 @ScottsMerkin  To each his own, just don't dismiss them completely. Chili was poor folk food--beans were cheap and have always had a place in many, many chilis.

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