Brewery-Inspired Henry's Tavern And American Grill is Now Open in Plano

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Henry's Tavern opened this week in the Shops at Legacy in Plano (5741 Legacy Drive). A Portland import, this is only the second location of the brewery-inspired restaurant, which seats more than 500 guests and pours more than 100 different local, regional and national beers.

The menu is mammoth with 14 different food categories. Let's make haste to the section titled "Texas' Own Kuby's Sausages and Hot Dogs." There's a Hank's Beer Brat ($11.95), which is made with onions braised St. Arnold's Amber Ale. The Louisiana Hot Link ($10.95) with blue cheese, St. Arnold Ale braised peppers and smoked applewood bacon. And the Dirty Dog ($9.95) comes with a no-bean chili and a Lost Gold Ale (from Real Ale Brewing) cheddar sauce, chopped onions, fried jalapeños, sour cream and tortilla strips.

Other dishes, inspired from all regions, include burgers, wok dishes, street tacos, and wings. Under Hank's Specials are Blue Moon Ale crispy cod fish and chips ($15.95) along with geographical homage to salmon (peppered for $19.95).

The beer offerings include Franconia, Rahr, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Peticolas, Lakewood Lager and a bevy of other options, including Maui Coconut Porter from Lahaina, Hawaii. They also serve European specialties and Coors Light. Full coverage.

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Looks like the former locale of that completely lame Fox Sports Southwest Grill; I happened in that place one evening, and encountered every manner of North Dallas D/bag, replete with tight shirt, frosted tip, +sshole moxy-and they were outnumbered only by the orange glow of smoking, slurring bar sluts.


And we all know that the only thing worse than the orange glow tan and bleached hair of the North Dallas Bar Slut, is greasy backside of the Dallas Stripper/porn star in waiting. I have it on high authority that said oils will affix "itself" to the patron for a time no less than 6 days......even showers and peeling flesh doesn't rid one of that rancid, hepatitis ridden stank. 



Anyhoo, I hope that this place is better than the formerly mentioned bar; because sometimes I DO get stuck in this neck of the woods, when company is in town. 

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