North Texas Beers: A Guide

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Photo by Mark Graham, label design by Sasha Barr
Following North Texas' big win at the Great American Beer Fest, this week's cover story by Lauren Drewes Daniels profiles the rise of the DFW craft brew. To see what kind of growth we're talking about, Lauren's broken down each of the local brewers. Check it out below.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Co.

Est. July 20, 2004

Rahr sometimes uses the tag line "The brand new beer with a 150-year history" as a token to founder Fritz Rahr's German brewer lineage. Rahr is distributed throughout much of Texas and just recently won a silver medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival for Iron Thistle. The Fort Worth brewery's full lineup includes five year-rounds and seven seasonal beers. Laid-back brewery tours that resemble community block parties helped arouse a loyal craft beer movement in North Texas.

Brewery_Count (1).jpg
Courtesy of Brewers Association
A Brewers Association 125-year brewery count timeline paints an exapnsive picture of beer revival.

Franconia Brewing Co.

Est. January 23, 2008

Brewmaster and founder Dennis Wehrmann was born in Nürnberg, Germany. His grandfather was a brewer, as was his mother, who earned a degree as a brewery lab technician. He moved to the States after graduating from brewing school and worked at Two Rows brewpub a few years before casting his own net in McKinney.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Est. July 6, 2011

DEBC is Dallas' largest craft brewery and continues to add tanks and square footage to its warehouse. Founded by a group of avid homebrewers, the brewery nabbed Drew Huerter from St. Louis to be its brewmaster. It offers several year-round beers, seasonal specialties and has recently started limited bottling runs. DEBC can be found at a few liquor stores locally and more than 60 restaurants and bars around DFW.

Peticolas Brewing Co.

Est. August 25, 2011

Michael Peticolas was a fifth-generation Texas trial attorney before he decided to open a brewery. His mom first introduced him to the hobby in the early '90s. Velvet Hammer is his year-round brew, while others rotate based on seasons and customer feedback. Peticolas is strictly a family- and volunteer-run brewery. It won a gold medal for its beer Royal Scandal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. Peticolas beer can be found at about 40 bars and restaurants around the area.

Revolver Brewing

Est. October 18, 2011

Revolver recently celebrated the official grand opening of its newly built 6,000-square-foot brewery. The father-and-son team Ron and Rhett Keisler wooed Samuel Adams brewer Grant Wood back to Texas, where he had originally worked in San Antonio for Lone Star Brewing Co. Beers include Blood & Honey, High Brass and Bock. They can be found at The Meddlesome Moth, The Common Table, The Libertine and a few other places.

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Definitely Wahoo Brewing Company. I went to one of their tastings and was blown away at the quality of beer they put out from their small start up space. I can't wait for them to be at full production. I might drink Trebuchet and Boomstick every day for as long as I live in the metroplex.


What about Rabbit Hole Brewing in Justin?


Great work, Lauren! This article gives those new craft beer drinkers a chance to learn a little more about what local beers are available!

dannyfranks Research much?


When I move here in 85. I got a chance to taste Collin County Beer. They had a light and dark beer. Both were great.. Shortly after they shut down. I guess it wasn't time for a micro brewery back then. Someone should look into them and bring them back !


We are just about to enter the prime Rahr season. Nov/Dec means Winter Warmer and Jan/Feb mean Iron Thistle. Not only are those my favorite Rahr beers, they are 2 of my favorite beers period.


Or 903 Brewers who just secured a location in Sherman.


No love for Armadillo Ale Works in Denton?

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