You're Not Hallucinating, a Second Trader Joe's is Open, This Time in Plano

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Another north Texas Trader Joe's opening, this time in Plano, at Preston Towne Crossing. Please try not to wet yourself.

Suffice it to say, no matter how much you love Two-Buck Chuck and Cookie Butter, one Trader Joe's location begets another (and another and another), all of which are pretty much the same. If you missed it, here's extensive coverage from the Fort Worth opening in June to get you psyched for their new joint on the other side of DFW.

Survival Tips for Today's Trader Joe's Grand Opening

DFW's First Second Trader Joe's Location Opens in Fort Worth Plano. No Crying, OK?

Dispatch from the Trader Joe's Opening in Fort Worth Plano

For those living in Dallas who are wondering when the taunts about a location on Lower Greenville might materialize (rumored first for September / "the fall," and then first quarter 2013), we spoke today with Alison in Public Relations who said, "We do not have a date planned for that opening yet." So, until then, get ready for a hike to either Cowtown or the 'burbs Plano.

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FWIW, I visited TJ's in FTW and I didn't hate it.  Until they figure out how to move the ocean and beach here, I'm gonna continue to be just okay with these Cali-imports.  


So, how long should I wait before I check this place out? The crowds will probably die down in a month? 2 months?


What's the point since they dumbed it down from the California version? Boooo!

Montemalone topcommenter

i.e. Lower Greenvile ain't happenin.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Trader Joe has a lot of fans, but I just don't see the attraction in frozen and processed everything.  Not for me.


 @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz They do waaaay more than frozen and processed (and even their frozen and processed is pretty awesome). They also sell fresh-made gourmet entrees, kosher chicken, the cheapest and best dairy anywhere and awesome granola, cookies, cereals, nuts, dried fruit, condiments and more. I shopped TJs at least three times a week when I lived in California but I'll bet I never get within half a mile of a TJs here in Texas. I'm handicapped now and so far I can't figure out when the store isn't too busy. Damn.

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