First Looks, Nasty Bread Pudding And Burger Porn: This Week In Dallas Dining

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May this week forever be known as CoA's restaurant first look week. As evidence...

Liberty Burger take two
Tried and True
GOGHEE no longer to go

You've got a lot of new places to check out this weekend, a few hundred roof decks to drink on, and there's Oktoberfest, too. But before you get out there and embrace this warm fall weather, we've got a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Bowery, and saw a lot of potential in the place. I love the space, and McKinney Avenue could use an upscale hot dog place, but the dogs here aren't upscale enough to warrant their high prices.

Elsewhere on CoA I debated best burger with my boss, and had my ass handed to me. Lauren lamented the belt buckle, which will never be.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie reviewed Urban Rio and awarded one star, but admits the place can be fun-- so long as you order correctly. She also penned 20 rules for restaurants and the servers they employee, so if you're in the industry and don't want to end up over Brenner's knee you better get to studying.

On Side Dish, Nancy tore into Max's Drunk Bread dish calling it a crime. I hope she brushed after.

The BBQ Snob awarded five stars to Wilhite's Barbeque. If you're in Austin head south a bit to Creedmoor and check out the brisket, but be sure to hang on to your hat.

The Escape Hatch has a short profile on Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana that has some serious poblano pepper porn.

And while we're talking porn, you should probably drool over 18 burgers on Entree Dallas.

Enjoy your weekend and do your best to eat healthy. Next week the State Fair of Texas is gonna fry your ass, and to commemorate the debauchery The Cheap Bastard is going to take over the entire blog with deep fried things, farts, butt cracks and other shenanigans. Be ready!

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