The Mecca Did Brisk Business Its First Weekend In East Dallas

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The Mecca Interior.jpg
This past weekend The Mecca opened its doors after moving to its new location in East Dallas. On Sunday morning a line snaked out the door as customers waited to check out the ages-old diner that took over the Molly Maguire's space on Skillman.

Things inside the old pub have changed, but not too much. The black and white tile floor pops against the old, brown woodwork and freshly painted, yellow walls. The original private booths and stained glass have been retained, now supplemented with repourposed benches and tables from the old Mecca space. The dark wooden bar that used to serve Guinness drafts and bottles of beer remains intact and now is a stage for chicken-fried steak, burgers and breakfast plates, served all day.

Before Molly Maguire's quickly opened and closed, the space used to house the Tipperary Pub, which survived five years before the owners announced the closure they blamed on a sputtering economy and an inability to negotiate a lease. If this weekend's business is any indicator, The Mecca might have better luck there.

Every table was full when I checked out the space, which you might expect when a diner that's as old as your grandparents has a grand reopening, but across the street at Gold Rush Cafe customers waited at the door for tables as well. The section of East Dallas bound by Live Oak and Oram seems starved for affordable morning options.

Breakfast taqueria next?

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I hope the move improves their food because while it was over here on HH the quality had gone way down. I've been going for many, many years but the last 3 or 4, it was like they weren't even trying.


BTW, it wasn't Tipperary Pub-- it was Tipperary Inn... but whatevs, still an interesting article... I hope this place finally sticks so that neat spot can remain in business. Even if I TRULY question anyone directly competing against the Gold Rush, if their dinner menu is a winner? They have a legit chance.


That first picture looks more like the interior of a Black Eyed Pea than a Diner.


I wish them well, but don't understand either of these places.  La Victoria is a mile away, has empty tables and counter seats and scratch made food at bargain basement prices.  B'fast at these places is $10 and straight off the food truck.  Perhaps I am not the target demographic.


 @notallofeastdallasislakewood Christ man chill out. La Victoria is actually about 2 miles away and quite frankly, it's a burrito shack. How can you even compare them? Beyond that, over the last few years they have been opened and closed for long stretches of time. And while I enjoy their food, it's plain, simple and rather normal. There's no stewed meats, pastor, barbacoa, no chicharron, no lengua.


Don't act like LV is out there cutting and curing their own ham, sausage and bacon. Or farm raising their own eggs. The tortillas are machine-made, not by hand. So don't act like LV is made in heaven. It's the same stuff.


With that said, I've never been to Mecca. Gold Rush, yea it's alright. Good greasy spoon option, but when wanting diner food I never snap my fingers, whistle and say, "oh yea, let's get a breakfast burrito instead".

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Christ man chill out. The reason they close is so they can take a vacation and go back home to visit. He was talking about price point. For $10 you could have 4 meals compared to one at the Mecca. And since you've never been to the Mecca, they dont cut and cure thier own meat or farm raise thier own eggs. However, they do make a great cinnamon roll.

scott.reitz moderator

 @Sharon_Moreanus Why are we comparing chicken fried steak and breakfast burritos at all? Both places offer something, and both leave something to be desired.

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