Shell and Sonic Got Married at the Pump

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Lauren Drewes Daniels
So, this is happening. Apparently there are seven Shell stations across Texas where you can order from Sonic while pumping gas. Current locations, according to a cashier, include Tyler, Burleson, Italy and this spot in Waxahachie off of Highway 287.

How convenient will our lives become? I think the Disney movie Wall-E is very foretelling. Maybe you haven't watched it on account of it being animated, but the kid-angle is only one of many. The adult-angle (spoiler alert) moves along the lines of mainlining Mountain Dew A.M. in the comfort of SUVs that are equipped with personal flat screen televisions, so each passenger can listen and watch on their own, not sharing in any experiences; except for a FB check-in, then an uploaded picture of cheesy tater tots.

Eventually our lifestyle wreaks havoc on our system as the line between conveniences and lazy coalesces into one. Sorry, I just totally spoiled the movie (and maybe our future). The soundtrack is great though.

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They should open this next door to Redneck Heaven


lazy? i remember when attendants would pump your gas, no charge. so how about Sonic carhops on skates pumping the gas. wipe the windows and check the oil please.




then you have to tip them double; I hate Sonic becasue I feel "obliged" to tip........and who carries freaking cash?  I avoid this place at all cost, ala Pancho's. 


 @kergo1spaceship  @ChrisYu I never tip at Sonic. Sorry, Sonic employees, I don't consider your 50 feet of transportation to my car to be worthy of tipping over the person in a drive-through window or the girl who builds my Chipotle burrito.


I've had them attempt to keep the change before though.

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