Monica's Nueva Cocina Opens, Rohst Closes and More From a Busy August

Catherine Downes
Monica's Nueva Cocina

At last, August has left us, bringing us that much closer to the promise of cooler weather. Someday soon, we hope. In the meantime, the month brought Dallas several new restaurants and wilted a few others. Read on for the full list of openings and closings and be sure to share tips about shifts in the scene in the comments section below or at


E Bar (1901 N. Haskell): Eddie Cervantes, the man behind Primo's in Uptown, recently opened the new Tex-mex restaurant and bar on one-way Haskell Ave.

Emporium Pies (314 N. Bishop Ave.): The girls behind the pie company have set up shop in a quaint 1930s bungalow in Oak Cliff.

Monica's Nueva Cocina: Monica Greene opened her latest concept early last month.

The Front Room, a Park Cities Diner (6101 Hillcrest Road): The restaurant located in the front of Hotel Lumen serves stylized comfort food

Torchy's Tacos (5600 SMU Blvd.): The Austin-based taco institution has opened another Dallas location.

Go Loco Tacos: The Qdoba-esque chain is popping up in gas stations around town.

Start (4814 Greenville Ave.): The new "healthy" Greenville Avenue restaurant is open.

Union Park (1311 Main St.): The new gastro pub on Main Street is open.


Rohst (2817 Greenville Ave.): The Korean/American restaurant located on lower Greenville has closed its doors.

Cowboy Kitchen(101 South Oak St.): Jason Boso is opening Tacos and Avocados in its place.

Coming soon:

Pop Diner (3600 McKinney Ave.): The 24-hour diner will pop up in the West Village.

The Londoner Pub (2817 Greenville Ave.): The Londoner pub will open in the Rhost space on lower Greenville this fall.

Jojo (2626 Howell St.): This new eatery and bar is scheduled to open in the fall.

Liberty Burger (5181 Keller Springs Road): The burger joint is taking over the space that once housed Snookie's, and opens early next week.

Pastazios New York Pizza (2519 Fitzhugh Ave.): The New York style pizzeria has popped up on Fitzhugh.

Cafe Des Artistes(1722 Routh St.): Lombardi Family Restaurants are taking over the space where Screen Door used to reside.

Jack's Southern Comfort Food (1905 Greenville Ave.): The home-style spot is scheduled to open in early October.

Craft and Growler (3601 Parry Ave.): According to its Facebook page, Craft and Growler is aiming to open in Fair Park in October.

Location Info

E Bar

1901 N. Haskell Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Emporium Pies

314 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Monica's Nueva Cocina - CLOSED

4123 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Front Room Tavern

6101 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Torchy's Tacos

5600 SMU Blvd., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant


4814 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

Union Park Gastropub

1311 Main St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Rohst - CLOSED

2817 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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What about Neighborhood Services Tavern on Henderson?


What about Twisted Root in.....wait for it......Bedford of all places....and not of the hightway.


gps is out of wack yea pop diner is opening soon with only signs in the window but Max's Wine Dive is supposedly opening next week have been to their locations in Austin and Houston and will now have the greatest egg sandwich within reach sorry uptown there is a new and better brunch place in town rather than the Dream Cafe and other pretenders


Wow, somebody over at DO learned how to take a picture?  Normally it's a bloody, mauled mess of some manner of taco's buried under a scattered heap of cheese, or salsa-usually both! The idea is to let us SEE what said product is;  and then to imply, or impart a subtle sense of nuance.  



The pictures of those incredible looking taco's, and that simple but elegant floral arrangement conveys a deep sense of warmth-a hopefulness, and relates to a sort of "going home", not unlike a Joseph Campbell ideal from "Hero".


What about The Mecca on Skillman and Live Oak?




not on the highway


sorry for the shot "dream" but long lines, inattentive service, cold and amateur food ain't worth the price of what your still trying to sell........cudos on your chicken salad being "rated".... seriously...had it.... isn't that special ... but exceptional for the amateur cooks of the world

scott.reitz moderator

 @ryanpena75 That's a good one, but note it's not a permanent closure. The Mecca should be back, soon.

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