Oak Pulls The Plug On Its Lunch Menu

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Oak Ham and Cheese.JPG
Good bye ham and cheese croissant.
If you've been using Oak's lunch service as a cost effective means to explore Jason Maddy's cooking, you have two more weeks to get your fix. A spokesperson for the restaurant says that lunch service in the Design District's fanciest restaurant will end October, 12.

Maddy's desire to focus more time on his dinner menu and other concepts within the restaurant was cited as the reason for the change, though the dining room was less than half full when I visited recently for lunch.

The food I had there was quite good and a bargain for an elevated daytime meal. The ham and cheese croissant made my 100 Favorites list and a watermelon soup was cool and refreshing. Open-faced lamb sandwiches, a burger and a number of salads round out the menu I'm a little sad to see go.

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Making it in the Design District has long been an uphill battle; the denizens leave in droves at lunch, and no one  ventures in to eat. Krispins (20 + years?) is the only establishment  to have success in said locale, due mainly  to it's catering business.  I once was a causal observer of a restaurant in the DD, and when conventions were in town over at DMC, it was "high cotton"; otherwise, it was like a ghost town. 

scott.reitz moderator

 @kergo1spaceship I dunno, Kergs, the Meddlesome Moth has kept lunch service running for a while now, and while Off-Site Kitchen is on the outskirts it's doing very well. I think Oak's lunch offering was just a bad fit for the hood.




I forgot about the MM; Oak's menu  probably was just a bad fit for that hood. I really feel for folks trying to make it over yonder, maybe it will get better as the new development begins. Word has it that place will be booming in 5 years. 

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