Matt's Rancho Martinez New Location on Skillman is Now Open

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Matt's Rancho Martinez has finally opened in its new home at 1904 Skillman. The original spot on La Vista closed back in February, after their lease expired and Mi Cocina moved in.

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There was a whole queso-laden spat between a neighborhood association and Matt's during the renovation process, but that's all been swept under the rug like day old chip crumbs. All is easily forgotten and forgiven with a bowl of their famous (everyone say it together) Bob Armstrong dip and a margarita.

Their new spot at 1904 Skillman is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., one hour later on Friday and Saturday.

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The patio at the old location was the only reason for that dump to exist; they should have just closed instead of going through the trouble of moving.  Okay, I'll give 'em the Bob Armstrong and the (somewhat overpriced) drinks, but the food doesn't crack the top 100 in my personal Tex-Mex rotation. 


As for the parking lot, that shopping center has been difficult since the yoga idiots took over like so many spandex-clad zombies many months ago.  With a new restaurant, it's an absolute clusterfuck.  People, they paint those stripes on the asphalt for a reason - pull your heads out of your asses and pay attention!


The food at the old place went downhill over the last few years.  Let's hope things are better at the new location.  With the Mecca now up and running (talk about awful food), watch out for all the cars aimlessly driving around looking for a parking spot.  If you wan't something good to eat in that area, grab the burger (or just about anything else) at Lakewood Landing.


matt's is good sh+t........consequently, it looks the same way as it exits the portal.

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