Lower Greenville Avenue Is Getting A New Southern Comfort Restaurant

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This October, 1 Jack's Southern Comfort Food should open up on Lower Greenville Avenue, provided permits and all those other things that keeps restaurants from opening when they say they will go through.

A new release about the opening uses the word "biscuit" an unprecedented 22 times, in case you're having a hard time figuring out what kind of food they'll offer. Scott Jones, the man behind Cowtown Diner and the recently closed Screen Door is working on the new project, which promises to add inches to your waistline three biscuits at a time.

Don't believe me? Here's just one paragraph...

And the biscuits -- Lord Almighty, the biscuits! Jones' artisan biscuit recipe is used for breakfast signatures like Cinnamon Biscuits, signature buttery buttermilk biscuits rolled with cinnamon, brown sugar, toasted walnuts and pecans, baked to perfection and slathered with a buttermilk glaze; Sticky Biscuits, signature Cinnamon Biscuits, baked in a maple butter goo with toasted walnuts and pecans; and even Dessert Biscuits (have them with a glass of wine? Absolutely!)

That's what it says I swear -- cinnamon biscuits, everywhere.

The restaurant will open at 1905 Greenville Ave., and they have a handy website without a single picture of a biscuit right here.

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I've had my nose pressed up to your window for a couple of weeks, drooling with anticipation. Tell me though...how is all this gonna work? Is the entire menu "take-out"?  If you want to eat in, will you have to put somebody in a head lock to get a table?  BYOB? Inquiring minds want to know.


East Dallas needs more biscuit options.  I hope these live up to the hype.  Hypnotic's biscuits - especially Kaye's w/ jalapenos - are the only ones I find myself craving.  Biscuits: the new taco.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Can't wait to try The Biscuit Burger: a jalapeno bacon cheddar biscuit with top sirloin, bacon cheddar and pickled jalapeno and BYOC bar.

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