John Tesar Will Be On Bravo's Top Chef

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Allison V. Smith
A few months ago I received a series of cryptic emails from an anonymous source telling me John Tesar was going to be on Bravo's latest chef shit show, Top Chef, Season 10. The email didn't say much, so I sat on the unsubstantiated claim.

There were a few clues: namely the slow open of Spoon, Tesar's follow up to The Commissary, and his recent silence in the Dallas blogosphere. (He is the Self Promotion Jedi, you know.)

Danyele McPherson, the sous chef at The Grape is also featured on the show, making Dallas a bit of a reality TV hotbed. You can check out a bio for McPherson, here, a bio for Tesar, here, and a video of Padma Lakshmi seductively tearing into a short rib (the only real reason to watch the show), here.

Top Chef will premiere Wednesday, November, 7. Spoon, which was announced back in January of this year, has still yet to open.

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Looks like some good chef and some good not-chefs. Bunch from Texas, none from Seattle...that's odd. But I'm in love with @Gina Keatley. Very hot and a CNN Hero!!

t_s_ 1 Like

Based on his self promotion, one would expect him to be on Top Chef Masters.


@unhatched @jessdavis_dfw I think it's technically 3. Someone who used to work at Local is in it as well.


@agardina @unhatched Well that will be fun to watch!

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