John Tesar's Spoon Looking for Workers. Ugly People Need Not Apply.

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UPDATE: John Tesar's publicist called, letting us know he was not happy with our suggestion that he's screening for uggos. He's not, the publicist said. Tesar uses head-shots in order to keep names and faces straight among his job applicants. OK, then. Anyhoosy, here's the post that pissed him off.

John Tesar's upcoming restaurant Spoon is getting closer to opening its doors as evidenced by a post that went up on its Facebook page. Spoon is looking for hosts, hostesses, bartenders, and a bar back/oyster shucker of all things.

The post asks for resumes, a note explaining why a potential candidate would make a good fit for the restaurant and a head shot, which has the potential to raise a few eyebrows.

Tesar's not the first to screen his applicants based on looks. Sissy's Southern Kitchen & Bar owner Lisa Garza was roasted by Pegasus when her post on Dallas Jobs requested applicants be "hip with a retro edge" and include a photograph with applications.

Garza defended the practice as a norm in the catering industry she grew up in, and went of to open her restaurant with little other criticism.

Tesar's job post has already drawn the attention of Eater. Looks aside, it will be nice if he finds a shucker who can open up an oyster without mangling it or spilling any of that precious liquor.

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Maybe he's on to something. Bob Smith applying for that IT position should be required to send in a head shot along with height, weight, pant size, etc.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

He asked for a head shot so send him a picture of your dong


And this coming from a guy that looks like the dude from Weezer?  The world is SO strange!

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