GOGHEE Taco is Back, Baby! Time for More Kimchee Tacos and the New "Gogeecoa"

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GOGHEE Korean BBQ Tacos is opening in its new location today at 4895 LBJ Freeway (northwest quadrant, just west of Inwood Road). Their original spot was just a tiny drive-thru spot with no indoor dining. But, they needed more elbow room for all that kimchee slinging, so they upgraded to a bigger place with tables to boot.

While they still have their basics from the original spot, owners Terry and Janice Song have added some things to menu too, like more toppings and a few salads. They also added two slow-cooled meats: "kornitas," which is braised pork, and "Gogheecoa" beef.

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They make most of their ingredients in-house from scratch, including all of their marinades, sauces and dressings. They also make their own blend of chili pastes, which is used in their kornitas and best-selling spicy pork. They've been known to convert non-pork eaters an account of their spicy pork.

Wednesday is a "soft-opening," but they'll bring out all the party bunting for a grand opening Saturday.

There's not a drive-thru at this spot. Dine-in only.

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Barry Kooda
Barry Kooda

Well hell.....I loved the place by Sonny Bryan's and was sad to see it gone. I was hoping they would reopen but the new place is 16 miles away.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Bad location with the construction coming. Not using the drive thru window isn't a good idea, since that is what your customers are used too.


@swaringeezy WHATTT??? LET'S GOOOOO ASAP!!!!

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