Dallas' (and the Rest of America's) Love of Fast Food, Visualized in 'Beefspace'

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Data Pointed -- Stephen Von Worley
That's a map. In the northwest quadrant is Dallas-Fort Worth, represented by a spattering of magenta (Jack In the Box), yellow (Wendy's) and many other bright colors in the midst of the giant periwinkle cloud (Sonic). I think the forecast calls for tator tot rain all day.

HuffPo originally reported on this burger rendering by Stephen Von Worley, which if properly transferred to oil on canvas, could surely go for millions. We, the citizens of Texas and Louisiana however, helped to create this art with the constant hum of our engines making yet another turn through the drive thru. The work is called "Beefspace" and it's visual representation of fast food restaurants.

From Datapoint, Von Worly explains...

A WHILE BACK, I CREATED TWO FANCIFUL MAPS of a hypothetical, earth-penetrating, inverse-squared burger force, as broadcast by the 36,000-plus domestic restaurant locations of the eight largest U.S. fast food chains. Recently, I upgraded my Visualizationator's speed by a few orders of magnitude, and as a test, I focused it on said beefspace, yielding several new renditions that you might find more delicious than before...

Data Pointed -- Stephen Von Worley

After that he loses me because, for one, he's wicked smart. But, mainly all I can concentrate on is how pretty we are. While the amount of dots might demonstrate our growing girth, I say lets keep at it. Eastern Oregon, Utah and Idaho, you're gonna need to get your head in the game. Your spots are lacking. Or, maybe we could say that area represent the black abyss that awaits our souls ... nah... Again, can't finish the thought, too distracted by all the pretty dots.

Keep up the good work, 'Merica. You're lookin' good.

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

(Un)Coincidentally, this looks a lot like what might appear in a petri dish after a few hours if you swabbed a table for a sample culture at any of the aforementioned establishments.  


that round aqua dot on the right is Rob Ryan.

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